Public Water Infrastructure

Improved water supply, sanitation, and better management of water resources can boost economic growth and development. Understanding that water can be an economic driver, the EDA has partnered with the Doddridge County Public Service District to expand water infrastructure throughout the county. Prior to 2016, less than 20% of Doddridge County had access to public water. There is a growing need in Doddridge County for public water, both industrially and domestically, and this need will continue to grow in the future.


In 2016, through funding provided by the Doddridge County Commission, E.L. Robinson Engineering completed a county-wide water study and developed a master plan to provide water service to unserved communities in Doddridge County. 


The completed study divides the county into 27 project areas. Each project area has customer density, census tract information, and potential funding sources identified. This allows the DCPSD to apply for applicable funding for different projects as that funding becomes available.


The three highest-priority waterline extension project areas have been identified as the Route 18-Snowbird Road area, Route 23-Big Flint area, and the Oxford-Sunnyside area. E.L. Robinson was selected as the engineering firm to oversee all waterline extension projects in the three priority areas.


Currently there are two fully-funded waterline extension projects underway:


With an approved Department of Commerce EDA grant in the amount of $962,000 and a match of $962,000 from the Doddridge County Commission, this project will serve approximately 30 customers, including two commercial sites. It will connect to the Snowbird Road waterline and run southeast to Eibs Camp and northwest to U.S. Route 50. Construction will start in spring-summer 2021. 


With an approved USDA grant of $2,600,000, a Doddridge County Commission contribution of $625,000 and a $475,000 USDA loan, this project will serve between 70 and 80 customers. We will hook into the Pennsboro water system to the west of Tollgate and go under Rt. 50. This extension will serve customers on Sunnyside Rd, Leeson Run, Cabin Run and Wilhelm Rd.

Preliminary engineering had been done on two other projects: Oxford Phase II and Rt. 23/Tarkiln. We are currently seeking funding opportunities for these and other projects. 

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